Beating the heat in Big Bear

It’s been awhile since we’ve been on an adventure, especially on the bike. We saw the weather report, and decided the time was right to head out and pay a visit to our friend Johnny in Big Bear.

We packed the saddlebags and hit the road. The marine layer provided a nice cool ride as we headed over to the 15 to the 79. The sun made its presence, but it was still perfect riding weather as we travelled along to the 74 to the 10. We aimed to limit main highways as much as possible and enjoyed our ride through the mountains on the 38. It only took us about 2.5 hours to get to Johnny’s.

Johnny and his little poodle My My greeted us out in the front yard! It was great seeing him again. Last time we all hung out was on Oahu. His house is beautiful and filled with surfboards and lots of Hawaiian art and memoribila that he’s collected over the years. I felt instantly at home and happy surrounded by all the aloha. He also has his beloved Ducati sitting in the front room. Normally I wouldn’t be a fan of a motorcycle in the house, but this is a showpiece. It just seems to fit. We are so appreciative of his hospitality.

Once we put our stuff in the house, Johnny rolled out his 2013 GSA BMW and we all hit the road. We rode through Big Bear City, which reminded Al and I a lot of Tahoe. We followed tight curvy roads all the way over to Arrowhead. We stopped at a shopping area where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at a restaurant called Woody’s. It’s a great place overlooking the lake, and the booths are built around old wooden Chris-Craft boats. Afterwards we walked around the little shopping area. We made our way back to Johnny’s taking the road on the other side of Big Bear Lake. What a beautiful place!

We stood around and talked story a bit with Johnny and his neighbors. Great people around this area, very friendly. Once it was around 6:00 pm, we decided it was time to hop back on the bikes and head into town to dinner. Johnny led the way to another awesome place, the Big Bear Brewery. Since I was the only one not operating a motorized vehicle, I treated myself to a tasty chocolate porter! Delicious food and beer. We headed back where we did a slideshow of our Europe trip. What great memories. We are so lucky in so many ways. Had a lovely day.

chocolate porter at Big Bear Brewery

Sport 1000s Ducati!

painting of Johnny’s old place on the North Shore, Oahu

love his house! mountain cabin in with aloha!

Love of Airports 

As we sit here in Schipol Airport near Amsterdam, I am once again reminded of our shared love affairs with airports. We both have a feeling of comfort as we sit here, as if we belong here.

For me, I can vividly remember the first time I was in an airport. I was a young child, and we were seeing a friend off. Although I’ve never been a lover of large crowds, this seemed different. You saw people of all nationalities coming and going places all over the globe. You could have a seat and people watch, imagining what adventures are in their future. Even as an adult, it’s a portal of wonder for me. It means I’m going somewhere different, experiencing new things, fulfilling dreams. This has been a long trip, I found myself grumpy and irritable at times, even a bit homesick, but as I sit here, I can still dream of places I want to explore. This travel bug has been in me since I was a small child, I’m sure I’ll never be cured of that desire. I just have a genuine love of traveling. 

For Al, it’s a passion. Being at the airport allows him to be close to one of his first loves… Aviation. He never tires of seeing them, and he never strays too far from planes, whether they are RC or real. He told me stories of watching planes take off and land over at Miami International with his parents. They use to pack dinner and watch them. He knows so much about planes! He’s like a walking aeronautical encyclopedia!  He becomes an excited kid every time he flies, no fear, just fascination and love of these amazing machines. He has followed his childhood dreams of flying with his 28 year career in Coast Guard Aviation. A passion that will never die.

Just another connection we have, love of flying and traveling. Although a bit sad our trip has come to an end, I know we will always travel, always seek new places together. Thank you all for following our blog and sharing a dream of ours. We’ll have more adventures to come, we promise. I hope this has inspired a few of you to follow your dreams of travel and adventure. One thing I have learned… Tomorrow is never promised. Don’t hold off, sometimes you just have to take chances and be happy. Until our next adventure… Aloha to you all. 

Travel checklist

We woke up, had a nice breakfast at the hotel. This hotel is seriously awesome! The only downside is it’s not close to Amsterdam at all. After breakfast, we took off and got the rental all pretty for turning in. Veronica got washed and vacuumed over at a local car wash.

After Veronica’s bath, we went down a few blocks and found a store that was recommended to us by the hotel staff for buying another suitcase. Yep, the Hailey’s have done their usual of always coming back with a ton more stuff! For 2 people who have spent time in the military, you’d think we could’ve learned to pack lighter! We found one that was big enough, and that will hopefully last the one leg back over to the states. It’s a bright orange one, so we’ll definitely be able to spot it!

We then headed over to the airport to drop off our rental Veronica. The guy who inspected it couldn’t believe it looked so good after we have had it for 2 months! We treated her as if she was our own car though. Almost 6,000 miles we put on her! We did some serious traveling in that car! We decided that it would be best to return the car today, so we wouldn’t be rushing before our flight tomorrow. We can just take the hotel shuttle over to the airport.

The drop off went pretty easy, took no time at all actually. We just walked around the airport after that. Found a restaurant where ordered a picture of Heineken and toasted to our trip! Al did pretty good driving under some extremely stressful conditions, and that was just me being in is ear constantly! We made it though!

After our beers, we went upstairs to the terrace. They had a Fokker 100 on static display. You could see all the planes lined up for takeoff, it was pretty cool. After that we found the shuttle back to the hotel. Tomorrow, we fly.


Racing Through Three Countries!

We left our darling house in Drees. Germany and put the coordinates in for the Spa Racing Circuit in Belgium. We passed beautiful countryside and adorable little towns as we made our way up north. There are dense forests that surround wide open fields filled with wild flowers. We were once again reminded why this country is so green, as we drove through intermittent rain showers.

Once again, we had very little fanfare as we passed the border into Belgium. We saw about two signs that informed us, otherwise we wouldn’t have even known until we got closer to the track and started seeing signs in French. (Belgium is a francophone country.)

Spa Racing Circuit is similar to all the other tracks we’ve visited. Unless you know there is a track there, you could easily drive right through the town and be none the wiser. It’s located in this sleepy little town. We told the guard we wanted to go to the restaurant, and he told us what gate to go into, and we just casually walked around. No one ever questioned us or told us we couldn’t go somewhere. It was a track day today. We actually saw some real race cars, even a few Nascars, an old Ford Mustang, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, and a really fast VW bug! Al was over the moon… AGAIN! Which made our visit totally worth it. Most women would think I’m a nut going to all these racetracks while on a European vacation. Truth is I do like cars, and even enjoy watching racing. But the real reason is seeing the smile on my husband’s face! He gets that little kid excitement and it’s in that moment that I know we are just where we need to be. If you know Big Al, you know exactly what I’m talking about, because he gets super excited about some things, it’s almost contagious! We enjoyed a pretty tasty buffet lunch at the restaurant there, got to watch some laps, and even got a chance to buy some souvenirs. On our way back we got to see the Eau Rouge. It’s a historic corner on Spa track that has challenged drivers for over 65 years. It was aptly named for the red-hued, iron rich stream that runs beneath the track. Our visit was both memorable and a success for sure.

We then got back on the road and put in the address for our hotel in Amsterdam. We traveled on regular highways over, it wasn’t very scenic, but allowed us to travel quicker and bypass some of the crazy cities, which is a definite plus. We are staying at the Radisson Blu Airport hotel. It caters to a lot of business men and women who travel in the area, and is pretty fancy. We opted for the upgrade to a business class room, as it actually will prove to be cheaper in the long run as far as breakfast and parking, and we received 2 complimentary beverages in the lounge. (Breakfast is 25 euros a person!) Why not go out with a bang! We’re here for two nights anyhow. Tomorrow will tell us if this trip will make us or break us, as we have to return the rental car! Ugh! Prayers and happy thoughts are greatly appreciated! Although we have driven a loooong way, and it’s still in once piece! We just have one more short drive tomorrow. That and we have to figure out how to pack 100 pounds of crap into a 70 pound bag! (Fairly certain, we will be forced to buy another cheap suitcase!) Before we know it, it’ll be the 16th, and we’ll be making the long trip back stateside. We’re a little sad, little happy about going home, a lot tired! It’s been a pretty amazing experience, one we will remember forever. Just when we finally got this traveling Europe thing down! HA! With our arrival here in Amsterdam, we have come full circle on our trip. (Albeit a very distorted circle drawn by a 2 year old! Or a very drunk adult!LOL!)

Well three Countries in one day, we’re tired! Goodnight world!




We woke up and enjoyed a nice breakfast. Then headed out for a little town called Cochem. It has been settled since 886, but didn’t really build up fortifications until the 1400’s.  It has quite a bit of history, and the town’s population was devastated in the mid 1400’s with the plague epidemic. The town was almost completely destroyed on 2 separate occasions, the first during the French invasion in the late 1600’s, and also during WWII. It’s now postcard perfect, and you’d never really know this little town sitting on the river has seen such devastation. We took the little 25  minute train/ tractor ride through town, and it is adorable, with little shops and restaurants housed in the old bavarian styled buildings.

On top of the hill in the town sits the Cochem Castle. It’s thought that it was originally built around the year 1000 by the palatinate Count Ezzo. It continued as a functioning and lived in castle until King Louis XIV (the Sun King) invaded the Rhine and the Moselle in 1688. French troops took control in March 1689, and the castle was set on fire, and blown up in May 1689. Along with the castle, the French almost completely destroyed the town of Cochem. The castle remained in ruins until 1868 when a Berlin businessman, Louis Ravené, bought the castle grounds and the ruins. Shortly after his purchase he began to rebuild Cochem Castle incorporating the remains of the late Gothic buildings into the main castle structure. It’s quite beautiful. We decided that we didn’t want to make the trek up the hill, so we skipped the tour, but we enjoyed the view as we enjoyed lunch in a great restaurant across the river.

Afterwards we walked back over to the main town and payed a visit to the local church. St. Martin’s church was fairly plain on the inside, but had really beautiful stained glass windows. We were lucky enough to go when the sun had made an appearance to really see all the colors.

We headed back to the car afterwards, heading back over to the Nurburgring to pick up something from one of the shops. This time we poked our heads in where the movie theater was, and saw that they had an interactive museum there. They had several cars on display, but also had activities and video games, as well as different movies and scheduled shows. We had a lot of fun playing  some of the games like kids. The cool part is that very few people were there, so we could go look and do everything. They even have a F1 pit stop, where they have scheduled shows on how they change tires, then the audience can participate. We missed the show, but since it was so dead, one of the employees let us  go over there to look. We were surprised at how light the tires are!!! No wonder it takes so little time for them to change it out. It’s doesn’t feel like they’re much over 8 lbs! The  Green Hell experience was pretty cool. They have rotating stadium seating that kind of takes you through the history of the track. Even if it was in German, you could follow along very easily. They have simulated rain, wind, and heat to add to the story. It was well done.

We enjoyed another full day. Hard to believe that tomorrow we head back to Amsterdam. Another few days this adventure will be over. How blessed we have been to see all these places, to experience all these things. We are very thankful. Have a great day everyone.

The Ring

After a good nights rest, our friends AJ and Courtney took the Porsche, and we headed over in our rental to Nurburgring Circuit. We are fortunate enough to have AJ show us around, as he is a true racing enthusiast, and comes here about 2-3 times a year. He’s lucky enough to just live in this beautiful Country, but he also belongs to a car club that gives him special access for track days on a couple of the tracks where he can have fun in his Porsche. So he was a perfect tour guide. Plus we just enjoyed his and Courtney’s company, they are wonderful people.

This track has a lot of history. It’s original portion of the racing track, called the “Green Hell” by famous racer Jackie Stewart, dates back to 1927. It has a reputation for for being especially dangerous. While there’s no “official” figures published, it’s estimated that the number of fatalities is somewhere between 3-12 every year, and it’s not uncommon to have the track shut down on these amateur days for crashes. It originally was 17.5 miles long, it had 174 corners, many of them being blind. There’s 1,000 feet of elevation change with that as well. So it truly is a beast. Since then, there has been 3 configurations that are used for racing; the North Loop (14.1 miles long), The South Loop (4.8 miles long), and the entire loop.

Our tour started at the modern Grand Prix track, which was built in 1984. We walked around the shopping area behind the grand stands and ducked in a couple of the places there. They also have a huge video screen (30ft x 9oft!), and even a roller coaster, that runs both indoors and outdoors. We went downstairs and bought the 2 euro tickets and went to the grand stands. Today was a little wet, but they were letting the motorcycles run. These aren’t professional racers, just everyday people doing some laps.

After watching a couple of laps, we got back in the car and then went over to see if we could gain access to the infield, but no such luck. It’s okay, right there is the Nurburgring Historic Paddock Boulevard, where they have a store and museum. We enjoyed walking around both. They have some pretty amazing collectors items there.

After checking out all the cool stuff, it was off to the original portion of the ring. For 29 euros you can go buy yourself one lap on the track. No waivers, no need for a race car, you can go do a lap in your minivan if you want! (We did see a van out there!) You can even rent a high performance car and do it that way. This is both cool, and what makes it so dangerous. You have people out there with very little, to no track experience, and your coming around blind corners praying someone isn’t spun out or already crashed on the other side. The track is narrow, and there’s little, to no run off until you hit the barriers. Plus once you buy your ticket, you just go, so you can be running on a very crowded track on days where you have a lot of people out.

Today was a fairly slow day on the track, because there was rain. AJ told us that normally the area where you purchase the tickets to do laps, you see traffic backed up for quite a ways back. Today we just drove right up, and found 2 parking places with ease. There were a lot of Porsche’s and BMW’s out today, even a few Ford GT’s. We watched a few cars line up and get their time in. We saw everything from hot hatchback’s to high performance cars, you run what you brung!

We then drove over to a popular viewing spot that has some parking. It’s located at the 16 km mark. The track has been painted by various fans over the years, giving it a unique look. We set up some chairs and watched some of the cars go by while we ate some of the delicious lunch that Courtney had packed for us. AJ told us there was a different viewing area up the way, so we packed up after we ate, and hiked up the hill. Courtney and I parked the chairs and enjoyed a few tasty beverages, while the boys went on the other side of the fence, where they could watch the cars by the guard rail. The track dried out for a short time, so you saw some of them squeal some tires as they started running faster. Unfortunately, the rain decided to make a return visit which forced us to call it quits and head back to the cars. This was cool, because Al finally got a chance to ride in the Porsche. Courtney and I shared a chuckle as we watched poor Al trying to wedge himself in. He did enjoy the ride back to the Grand Prix buildings where we switched back and said our goodbyes to our friends. We can’t say thanks enough for hospitality that the Sell family has shown us. Poor AJ even has to work tonight, but was more than happy to go over to the track today to show us around, and he has even sent several emails Al’s way with recommendations while we’ve been on our travels in Europe. We are truly fortunate to have been able to stop by and spend some time with them.

The room, or shall I say, house I booked for us is about 2.5 km’s away from the track. It’s the Lindner Feriepark Nurburgring resort area built to accommodate all the people who come to the Ring for racing events. Without realizing, I had booked a good sized house for the 2 of us on It has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a living room and kitchen. It’s newly built and even has a car port! The place is absolutely amazing, and we highly recommend it to anyone who comes over to the area. It has a restaurant, a place to rent bicycles, and even a spa, all on the grounds. The only thing missing is a washer. We are enjoying a lovely afternoon here. Had I known it was so big, we would have extended an invitation to our friends to join us! We feel a bit silly sitting in this huge place for just the 2 of us! It’s bigger than our condo in Hawaii! Well we’ll just enjoy it! Have a great day everyone.



Friends in Germany

Today was a bit rainy as we made our way over to visit a friend of Al’s in Germany. Al’s known A.J. from his days in Kodiak, Alaska while they were in the Coast Guard over there together. A.J. and his lovely wife Courtney, and their 2 kids have lived over here in Germany for quite a few years. They were kind enough to open up their home to us for a night. We’ve spent a wonderful day talking and visiting, and of course the boys watched Formula 1 while Courtney and I enjoyed conversation and drinks. They even allowed us to do a much needed load of laundry in their American washer AND DRYER! I know most American’s don’t see this as a huge deal, but we have been line drying our clothes the entire time we’ve been on this trip because a dryer is just not a thing people have here. We went and had a great dinner at a local restaurant. It has been just a wonderful day of relaxing a spending time with friends. We feel so very blessed to have had this opportunity. A huge thank you to the Sell family for their hospitality.

Sorry, today is short blog day.

German Engineering

We’re right outside Stuttgart, over by the airport in a town called Echterdingen. It’s a very cute place, lots of hotels and restaurants around. We walked around a bit this morning in search of a pharmacy to get some stuff to help with our congestion and sinus issues we’re still suffering with. Everyone is so nice, and the streets and neighborhood are well cared for. We enjoyed a great breakfast, and for the first time since we’ve been in Europe, they had an omelette station! Yay!!! (I know, weird!)

Afterwards, we hit the road for a half hour drive into Stuttgart to go to the Mercedes Benz Museum. On our drive we decided to listen to the radio, and actually found an Armed Forces Network radio station! We are close to Rammstein Air Force Base. We thought it was cool just to listen to American news, and music for a bit. We’ve seen a lot of Americans over here.

The drive in wasn’t too bad. People here follow many of the same driving rules and courtesies as America, so we didn’t have to fight for space for one. The Mercedes Benz Museum was an impressive sight! It’s very modern, and very big! There was a definite wow factor, and it gave a complete history of the company, as well as the different vehicles they have produced over the years. I never realized how many different models and things they have made. Everything from your normal Mercedes to ambulance, buses, and even tractors to race cars. it was set up and displayed in a very good way for learning and seeing the cars through the history of the company. We had a nice time, and learned some thing along the way. After, we enjoyed a bit of lunch outside in one of their outdoor restaurants. It’s been a fabulous sunny day, with a cool breeze. Perfect weather. Really great experience.

Once lunch was finished, we hopped back in the car and headed across town over to the Porsche Museum. We had to fight a bit of traffic since there was a lot of road work going on, but the drive wasn’t too bad. The Porsche Museum was very cool as well, definitely on a smaller scale than Mercedes, but it had some really cool cars in there, including an old split-window VW bug! (Porsche had a hand in the designing around 1934, after a meeting with Hitler.) This museum was extremely modern as well, and the whole area was pretty much taken over by Porsche with many large buildings located there. We learned some cool things here too, like Porsche invented the first hybrid car in 1901 while working for Egger-Lohner Carriage Company! Pretty interesting! We had another lovely tour. Although, we would recommend visiting the Porsche Museum first, then the Mercedes. That way you build yourself up to the larger Mercedes museum.

On the recommendation of the front desk clerk, we walked to a local restaurant in town called Wirsthaus our Schwedenscheuer. It’s history dates back to the 1600’s. We had an absolute fabulous meal! We seriously love us some Germany! The food, the people, the beer… we could go on and on!


Rain Castle

We started off our days travel based on the recommendation of the hotel owner. He told us to go to Linderhof Pallace instead of Neuschwanstein Castle. We set off in the rain on a lovely road, where we drove alongside a huge lake for a few miles. Even with the rain, it was so beautiful. Then we followed a forested mountain road until we came to a road block sign! Bummer! We were so close to the Pallace too! We were forced to turn around. Apparently a bridge is shut down on the other side, not allowing access.

Based on the current road issues, we decided we’d try the Neuschwanstein Castle & the Hohenschwangau Castle after all. Both castles are located in the same area and they sell combination tickets for both. Today’s rain was both a blessing and a curse, I think because it was so crappy out, most people decided not to come. You are only permitted to go inside of the castles on a guided tour. We recommend going online at least 3 days prior to your visit and book them online. Otherwise you won’t be able to, and you’ll be standing in a long line, with a potential long wait to go on your tour. They’re all done by time slots. We were very fortunate to get our combination tickets for and had a very little wait.

Our first tour was for the Hohenschwangau Castle. It was the home of the Bavarian monarchy, it was small in terms of a castle, but had beautiful oil on plaster paintings on the wall. It was the childhood home of King Ludwig II, the one who would go on to build Neuschwanstein Castle. After his father died at an early age, he was crowned King at only 19 years of age. Both castles are still owned by the royal family, but they have allowed them to be museums for quite some time now.

After our quick 35 minute tour, we went down the hill to the small village below and got some lunch. I went with the roasted pork shoulder and what seemed to be a ball of stuffing, both very good. Al chose the sausages, potatoes and sauerkraut. It was decent.

We quickly were running out of time to hike up the steep hill, and regretted eating a hearty lunch as we were forced to power walk all the way up in the pouring rain. We made it all the way up in 15 minutes, and met our time slot for the tour. We were both short of breath and wanted to puke, but we did it!!!! We were impressed by the interior of the castle. The paintings and bejeweled chandeliers were absolutely mind blowing! I have truly never seen such an ornate castle in my life.  The Swan King had a great love of the arts, opera especially. He spent a great deal of money on this castle, and had the opera room painted and decorated telling the story of King Arthur and his Knights. He spent a great deal of money and time having the castle built, and crazy enough it wasn’t even finished before he died. He died under mysterious circumstances, he was kidnapped from his bed and his body was found in a lake a few days later. They say he was a little eccentric, and the people were tired of him spending all this money on this lavish castle. Pretty sure they put an end to him! Unfortunately they do not allow pictures to be taken inside of either of the castles, and with the weather being so bad, there weren’t many outside pictures being taken either. Our apologies for the lack of eye candy today.

After our tour of the last castle, we made our way back down the hill and got back on the road toward Stuttgart to our AirBnB. About 5 miles down the road, the weather cleared, and we even saw that giant glowing orb in the sky! We had our first Autobahn experience. We were doing about 120-140km (in the right lane like good little tourists) and people were passing us on the left like we were standing still! It was the first time Al saw the no speed limit sign come up on the dash! Crazy! But the roads are better, and you don’t see a lot of aggressive driving here, which is refreshing.

So we arrive at the AirBnB. Our host meets me covered in paint. She states that the apartment isn’t ready yet, maybe in an hour! Apparently, she’s remodeling the place! Okay… So we go grab some dinner in town. Come back, she shows us the apartment. First of all its on the 3rd floor with no elevator, and a spiral staircase, that has no handrails! That’s gonna be a little nuts when it comes time to lug up 6 heavy bags! Then we look around, it’s crazy unfinished! Bed not even made. Electric outlets with no covers and exposed wires! Fresh paint on the walls… We were in a state of shock! I mean it was 7pm! This place couldn’t even be partially ready by 11pm! I had to just tell her there was no way we could stay there. She felt horrible, she said she tried so hard to get it ready, and thought it would be ready for us. I felt bad for her actually, she looked exhausted. We worked it out and I got to cancel the reservation. I booked a hotel room. (Of course it has no AC! Today has just been one of those days.) It’s 9pm. Shower, bed. We’re both über cranky now. The wifi is so slow I can’t upload any pictures either. Promise to try again later. Goodnight all, hoping for an easier tomorrow.

Hallo Österreich!!! (Hello Austria!)

We left Trento and after handling some much needed business affairs, we hit the road. We decided to take non-toll roads, wanting a more scenic route. We were rewarded with traveling through small towns that had adorable Bavarian styled homes. We’re guessing that what is now Northern Italy must have been Austria at one time? That’s the reason for the architecture in the region. Or maybe because it is so close to Austria. Whatever the reason, we love it! We stopped in a city called Bozen for a break. We went inside this large grocery store there, it had a little deli area where they had sausages and sandwiches served on pretzel rolls. Al was in heaven!!! He loves sausages! So of course that became our lunch stop.

Afterwards, we were forced to get on the Autostrade, because we needed to purchase a vignette to drive in Austria. (A little sticker you put in your window, saying you paid the toll to drive on their roads legally. Cost us about 8.80 euros for a 10 day sticker. If they catch you without it, we heard it’s a hefty fine.) We stopped right before the border at another rest stop/gas station where we bought ours, when we got back on the road, we got came to a dead stop in a horrible traffic jam. It wasn’t long before we figured out why. Suddenly there was a helicopter with a high power tension line in tow. They had workers on the electric towers. They had to stop all traffic for obvious safety reasons, as they were pulling the high power electric wire from one tower to another! It didn’t take very long, and it was a unique thing to see.

After that, we were on our way. We must have passed the sign for Austria, but didn’t see it. Because it was like suddenly you were just in Austria.! We knew because the roads suddenly seemed wider, and everything was in German! LOL! Soon enough we were looking at beautiful mountains and forested terrain with fields of beautiful wild flowers. We followed a river and came to a few lakes. It reminded us a lot of Lake Tahoe area in California. Al really missed his motorcycle today, we saw a ton of riders weaving their way on the back roads. We are both completely in love with the landscape here, the weather is mild, there’s beauty everywhere you look. Al said he’s glad we came here last, or else I never would have convinced him to leave!

We had to stop at yet another sausage place for second lunch! It was a little place on the side of the road called Wurscht & Durscht! I got the spicy Bosna and he got the non-spicy Bosna. Mine was spicy!!!! Wow! Won’t ever test their level of spiciness again! It was good!

We arrived at our beautiful hotel in Hoefen. It’s typically a winter resort area, but the town and the hotel are adorable. We had a pretty good travel today. Feels good to have a change in scenery. Not that Italy was bad, just glad we get a chance to visit here.